Shorts worth seeing alone…

26 September 2013

For the Birds is one of the most powerful films, short or long, that I’ve seen in a long time.

Set in Iran, and depicting the hanging of a 16 year old girl for “adultery”, it takes full advantage of the medium to powerfully inspire the audience in so many ways.

I especially loved the use of love, in the midst of violence.  Truly worth seeing alone but playing with My Stolen Revolution, which looks amazing, too.  I love Iranian film!

For the Birds screens on Sep 29 @ 4:00 pm in SFU Woodwards
and Oct 1 @ 3:30 pm in The Cinematheque
and Oct 5 @ 7:00 pm in The Cinematheque


Texas is about as distasteful a setting as they come for me; using the Texas – Oklahoma state rivalry as the venue for sharing the history of a marital breakdown.

But I’ve never burst into tears watching any film as I did with this.  It truly grabbed my heart before I even knew it!

If you can get through (heck, maybe you’ll even enjoy them!) the Texas/American-isms, this short will touch you.  If you go with the flow, you’ll likely laugh through your tears.

I never thought Texas could be so touching!

Texas screens with other International Shorts on Oct 2 @ 9:00 pm in International Village #8
and Oct 9 @ 10:00 am in the Vancity Theatre


Here’s a quick review of an all local production to celebrate the opening of the 32nd Annual Film Fest today in Vancouver…looks like the sun will be shining all day but don’t forget the rain gear tomorrow (and the next, and the…):

Lawrence and Holloman

This Canadian comedy has a tightly wound nerd (played by Daniel Arnold) who does everything the same everyday coming to the end of his rope just as an eternal optimist crosses his path in life (played by Ben Cotton).

Lawrence’s optimism is then severely challenged, to say the least.

What struck me most about this film is the sincerity of characterization of both leads.  Their personalities were portrayed very consistently and believably despite the almost slapstick brand of comedy.  And by believably, I mean based on the fictional character’s lived experience; these characters were well thought out.

There is a bit of gore in the violent scenes – twice – so beware of that.  But other than some lewd joking, it will be enjoyable to anyone.

Vancouverites will recognize many scenes and an acquaintance of mine even showed up.

If you’re up for a few laughs, this film will please.  It could also inspire you to choose to be optimistic and happy!  Now that would be a lasting gift that everyone in your life will enjoy!

Lawrence and Holloman plays on Oct 1 @ 6:45 pm in the Rio Theatre
and on Oct 9 @ 3:45 pm in SFU Woodwards